Well one of my new years resolutions (2011) was to do something creative each month, well after 3 months on the Shillington Graphic design course which was great and I learnt loads.  However If I am truethful any creative bone or creative inclination I did posses totally disappeared… August was a creative washout… :(

Sadly followed by September, October, November and it looks like December is tagging along! :(…

August, the month began and I didn’t wanting to do anything, the very thought of actually having to do something creative made me want to run and hide under my duvet forever… I even went up to Alnwick for a long weekend and didn’t go to the beach – got really sick and spent 3 days in bed!!!

As August neared the middle,  i-am-will (number 1 son!!) went on Cricket tour to York and looking back over this month I felt the at the time that the beginnings of the creative seeds were sewn again…  I took out the video camera – for the first time in I couldn’t tell you how many years… but it wasn’t enough…  (I am now supposed to be working on editing 6 hours into a fun 20 min video :) I really want to do it, but it seems the want is more that actual doing…

Then September, I went to one of my favourite gardens, Coton Manor  I bought some wonderful tulip bulbs to plant up in October for a wonderful spring tulip fest :) – for those who don’t really know me… I am not a gardener, I love flowers and home grown fruits and veg but gardening really well I am not sure… maybe its that commitment thing, to have an amazing garden, allotment,  you really need to commit and well if I am honest I am not sure I’m there yet – commitment – kids well in my book they are kinda different they stick to you like limpets and with my children there appears to be this kinda weird thing going on that when honestly I could seriously give then away they stick to me like glue and aint gonna budge no matter how much chocolate and late nights you offer them and then when they are being the most evil they can be I really wouldn’t exchange them for all the tea in China – why I have no idea, it just happens like that and I am begining to accept that is the way its supposed to be :)

October… umm November… :(((

December… well there is so so much I haven’t done… haven’t made my own wrapping paper – that I have done before, I haven’t done any christmas cards… either bought or handmade (and I have made lots of handmade cards before).

I love making and doing all the handmade things… but somehow I am just lacking in the doing…


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