March creativity

March creativity

I set myself a goal this year and that was to do something different and creative each month… March’s creative task, I joined one of  the Bay Tree Cottage workshops Celebration Cakes, demonstration and tuition by Sarah Hollowell from Goody’s Cake Company. Well its been hard work but lots and lots of fun, here are some photos of my celebration cake :)

Cake with pearling!

Yellow Roses made by my fair hand!!

Butterfly runouts :)

Cake with supports in ready for top cake to sit on top… yes I know that they are not centred I wanted the top cake to sit to the back giving me this banana moon shape at the front.

Now for the top tear on and pearling… and butterflies…

It isn’t really finished quite the way I had envisioned… I would have liked to have made some delicate flowerpaste butterflies on wires flying above the cake and possibly a few more roses… but I tell you it is really time consuming (especially if you are a beginner like myself… ) and I ran out of time… also was nervous of over decorating if you know what I mean.  Finally I did have a go at a filigree butterfly…

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