Matcha Tea

In addition to the tea ordered in my first  teapigs order I ordered from them the new miracle tea Matcha Tea… and wow honestly I love it :)  So far I have only tried it with fresh squiched orange juice (foj) and cranberry juice – personally I prefer it with foj… If you are thinking of buying the matcha kit from teapigs … it is a lovely kit and comes beautifully packaged… if money is high on the agenda for you I would maybe just buy the matcha tea and look else where for a cheap milk frother but I have had a quick search and not sure you can find them much cheaper than the £7.50 price increase for the set… and I do seriously think the frother is what you need to mix the matcha tea (which is ground to a powder) which is a little difficult to mix into a liquid.

About the health benefits well I am no expert in anything medical – do I feel better, actually ‘hell yeah baby’…  is it because of the matcha tea… seriously I am not sure I have not reverted back to pre-matcha tea to see what happens… not sure I want to… ;P

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  1. monica
    May 28, 2011

    I was always curios how those tea bags works, and what they use to seal the tea bags. That is why i stopped to use them, and i began to make tea using loose tea as you said it is far better quality than even ‘natural’ tea pigs’ bags. This is a place where I buy my tea, same quality tea and without those stupid bags, i love their fruit tea This fruit tea which is also organic hope you will use find a good use of this link,
    all best

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